Friday, July 9, 2010

make a meal out of Paul..

Seems Paul is dominating the headline.. and he is not any soccer player or World Cup star.. he or rather it is an octopus..

That brings me to something else. I been accused most of the time by friends especially on FB for posting pictures of nice food on my FB photo album. Some said I should start a food blog, which actually was in my mind, rather in the minds of me, Darren and Garry. 7 months on, no fruits out of this idea.. hahaha.. due to busyness and sometimes budget constrain. By the look of things, I don't think we will have time for any food let me just do a simple one here..

Within these few days, visited two places worth a mention.

Monday night was at New York New York with Darren, Richard and Crystal. Of course, the idea was to try their famous giant burger -- Yankee Burger. So big that it looks like a cake. It was nice, enjoyed it there. I wanna thank Richard's sister that actually treated us via Richard. So yea, was very happy and satisfied.

Wednesday lunch, was at MidValley with Darren this time to kacau Kelly Leong's lunchtime. We tried Rak Thai, which located downstairs, along the walkway that connect the Gardens and MidValley. I must admit I have tasted better Thai food than this but it was decent Thai food anyway. This bowl of mee I ordered, it wasn't that spicy, just nice and perhaps those don't like spicy food would appreciate this. Environment was good anyway.

So there's my mini food blog review.. hahaha..

I myself been cooking dinner on Weds and Thurs night.. getting more decent and decent.. if i start to cook rice and all, then I will say better. hahaha. If you may ask, I cooked spaghetti on Wednesday and 'chou mie' the next day. I like what I cooked.

I just gotten my hands on Hillsong's new album - "beautiful exchange". Enjoying their songs now, ironically Pastor wanted to send me there this year for their conference but little tight on time or budget caused me to be right now typing this at Malaysia instead. But technology is cool these days, sometimes I can stream some videos from them.

Another testimony..

Thursday, I and Darren went to collect the jersey we ordered. My car was packed near Summit and the moment I want to start engine, my car battery flat out. Since it's near the workshop I always go to, I gave the guy a ring and he helped me to settle the car battery.

After it was done, seems to me like how God planned this nicely. My car btw was nearly being used by my colleagues and lucky they didnt use it. I can imagine the hassle if they use and the car died down on them. And the change of battery is just perfect since I gonna drive down to Kampar for concert gig. And the place my car died down was near the car workshop I usually go and the guy gave me grace to pay later because that moment I didnt have enough cash. Lovely way from God...praise Him!

Anyway very excited about the Kampar trip.. may God bless me and my team ^^
In case you are asking which team I m rooting for in this final, there's your answer..

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