Monday, July 5, 2010

happy 4th july

It's Independence Day for US..

But for me, I will fondly remember it for a good fellowship time with my English Worship Team. There are things I have been praying for to be revealed and to be share, somehow I believe God really led the whole fellowship time, all in all I think it's a good time and I thank God for it.

I admit I m bad with words and being naive about feelings. I wish time wasn't the obstacle that night, if given moment, I would want to share the ups and downs leading this team. I want to share more about it's really God's grace that we are together. I felt I should have said more but..haha.. time always the enemy, it was getting late. Anyway, leading a bunch of people with different mindsets, different skills, different lifestyle is no child's play, no joke by any means. It's so not easy to say.

I have been always reflecting about God's grace in leading in worship ministry ever since I was in St Peter's Church until now in FCC, helping to overlook the church worship ministry, specifically English worship teams (and now BM team). Today specifically was a great opportunity to look at the mirror to reflect everything I have been through, be it the past few months or past few years.

I thank God for the people I worked with. There are the best in the world. Hands down.

There's still room for improvement in many areas. Till then, I treasure all the hard work and sacrifices put in by the team. But I believe God value it more than any leaders do or any humans in this world. I thank God for all the times we have, the ups and downs, everything, everyone.

I closed the night with Psalm 145. After reading it, I realized God is really the centre of it all, reminded that His praises never stops even the world fades away.

I learned so much this weekend. Thank you God.

PS: The food we bbq is really nice and I m still full ..

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