Tuesday, July 27, 2010

food + music = lovely

Some food post...

I read some reviews about this place at Damansara Uptown, and finally able to try it with my cell group members.

My verdict? For that price for such portion, I find it worth it. I ordered Black Pepper Chicken and it cost RM 10. Fries + Egg + Salad + Chicken and I heard from my member that the pepper is really pepper.. not those pepper powder you buy from supermarket.

I think it's nice and yea, blame me, I like western food. Of course the environment is not conducive and finding parking here is troublesome but the food is good.

Other than that..

Had a good weekend. But for me the thing that really made me glad is that lately been spending time on song writing. Glad to able to come out with few new stuff plus re-writing and finish off some old stuff I have never got to finish. There was one song, after 7 years I can finish that song. Talk about writers' block. haha.

I praise God for all the good encouragement that I m getting lately. Really, all praise belongs to Him.

Right now, praying for more inspiration and ideas and also His leading in my life. Long list to say but I m trusting Him =)

Finished this entry on Tuesday.. yet I feel like a Friday.. o well, there's what happen when my day off is on Wednesday.. haha..

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