Thursday, July 15, 2010

chronicles of Kampar tour..


Everyone knows I just came back from Kampar. For those who are not in the knowing, I was invited to UTAR Kampar CF to share/sing at their CF meeting.

Since this is a blog/journal, I try to go into details about the trip..

13th July 2010 Tuesday --
Well, supposed to leave KL by 12pm plus but mainly due to my brother stuck at KL Sentral, my planned departure time has to shift until 1 hour plus later. We eventually left KL close to 145pm.

Reach Kampar and the hotel, close to 4pm.
In fact, I stayed this hotel before..the last staff retreat was here. This time, we got a really nice big room.

I wished we could have enjoyed the hotel little bit more..was lovely and nice.

Anyway, a quick rest and have to get ready to go to the venue by 5pm.

Run through and sound check went smoothly and went according to schedule.

Event itself, i think so far out of the gigs/trips that I done, I think this is one of the best I have experience. Even through worship and song/sharing, God indeed was with us.

For the pictures of the event, here are the links, mostly digged from FB..
*Daniel Lim's pictures
*Wendy Loo's pictures
* June Ling's pictures

Supper follows after the event. Back to hotel room for good rest. But have to wakeup by 4am to send Gavin to KTM because he needs to get back to KL sooner for mid-term exam.

14th July 2010 Wednesday --

Breakfast at the hotel.

Reach Ipoh close to 11am after leaving close to 1030am from Kampar. Had the famous Funny Mountain's Tau Fu Far and bought biscuits & food for friends.

Lunch with dad. We totally enjoyed the dishes. Delicious!

Start journey and reach back KL at 4pm.

So ya, there's the details I can give about the Kampar trip. Hope that is not so boring to read. hahaha.

Firstly, thanks to Utar Kampar CF for such a wonderful time and fellowship. Credit to Kelvin and Wendy. Thanks Dad for taking us to a wonderful lunch. Thanks TL crew for your wonderful support. Same goes to those who came, thanks for your great support. All in all, I had so much fun with you all despite just one day.

Am looking forward to more great gigs like this. Indeed God is awesome..nothing can compare to His grace. Yes, am bless overall by His leading and presence.


yauwei89 said...

You're most welcome!Another round of co-operation? :p hahahahaha!

TL said...

of course =)