Thursday, July 1, 2010

boys likes toys

After watching Toy Story 3 last night, I beginning to miss all my toys that I have when I was a small kid..

The ones I remember and love fondly is M.A.S.K toys (i have their best vehicles honestly - especially Thunder Hawk) and Ninja Turtles (I have all 4 with their master, Splinter).
I sadly threw some toys away, either I grown over it and some spoilt (due to sharing with other kids..ahem.) I guess some still survived in my Ipoh house, for any kids who visit my Ipoh house.

Back to Toy Story 3, one of the best movies I watch so far this year and it's a really nice way to close the whole trilogy. Kudos to Disney and Pixar.

I watched it with my UK-based friend. Spend most of my day at 1Utama with my friend. Had Chilli's, walk around here n there, randomly bump into Raymond Leong who let me tried Band Hero which I sucked totally. Got a souvenir from my UK friend.. nice green shirt.

All in all, was a fun day.

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