Friday, June 4, 2010

I love J ...


I always love J - J - J ...

June that is...this month..

Firstly, it's half a year gone. Little bittersweet feeling knowing half a year gone.

Recently managed to do a bit of home cooking. I bought this spaghetti 'package' for just RM10, thanks to Empire Gallery's Jaya Grocery. Cheap right?? Plus I bought another instant mee product that is from overseas and it's not your normal maggi type. It's like 'chou' mee. Anyway, was happy with what I cooked and looking forward to do it again.

Am glad also recently that I have been busy doing some songwriting. Manage to write some and spend some time doing simple demos at home. Gotta keep this passion burning on - looking forward to write more, finish some I that I wrote half way, re-writing some, recording some. Even recent meeting with Jon Tse, we could be working together again for 2nd album. Oops, I just dropped hint that we are on the first stage towards starting the next one.

Staying in the album project, I will be touring soon. What is confirm is July I will be heading to Kampar to do a gig at UTAR CF. August would have one more and September also but havent have the confirmation word yet. So ya, back on the road..tiring but love it.. ^^

I just watch Prince of Persia. Brings back memories when I was young, I love playing the game when the graphics were like old skol' stuff, if you know what I mean. Movie by the way, well, I give props for it.

And well, we are one week away from all the fun, hopely I will enjoy it..

Yea, World Cup 2010 .. :P

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