Monday, June 21, 2010

don't stop believing..

Lately I been bitten by the GLEE bug.. their songs especially have been ringing in my mind...


Last Monday morning, send pastor to airport. Once I reach back office, the HK stars were there, got to hangout with them again and even sang my songs to them. honoured and little shy actually.. hahaha.. they compliment on the songs and they enjoyed it.

We had lunch and there's where my birthday cake finally came out. It was honored to have the staff team with the stars to sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me.. really happy and i know I became the envy of everyone..

Talk about my birthday, I never forget that place I had my birthday dinner, thanks to Jackson and Huey Yue.. still fresh in my head.. thanks to those two!! You can check my for the pics.

I think God has been good...really blessing me with free meals. (I know my cell members will be jealous to hear this..hahaha). Another memorable free meal I had was on Thursday with Sabah Bishop Vun. We had chicken/fried pork rice. Yummy!! Not forgetting Saturday lunch at Sarah Yon's baby's full moon celebration. Then there's senior citizen on Friday so another free lunch. hahaha. But on that day, I decided to reward myself on my belated 25th birthday a new guitar gadget - Boss guitar pedal.

Tried over the weekend, thought it is good. Still need time to get use to it and get the best out of it.

I had an amazing weekend all to say. I played in all of the services. To be honest, if there's another session or concert after that, I think I can still go on. That's what happen when you have the passion for God and strength from God.

I felt sick out of the blue in the week and to be recovered by weekend speaks how amazing God is.

All in all, it was a nice week after my birthday.

But realized June is gonna end and July is coming soon... how time flies.. been pondering whether past 6 months been fruitful..

I guess I will say more later.. it's World Cup season.. I just have to say it again...

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