Sunday, May 30, 2010

MAY it ends..

Little burdened over the weekend that the fact that I spend 70% of my salary in fixing my car's air con...o gosh, there goes my money :S

But with weather like this and the demand of my car's usage(especially for ministry purposes), I have to fix it. It seems compressor and other related problems related to it. My car is an old car in fact and when I saw how old and worn out is the parts in the car workshop, I can take a bit comfort knowing that it's really time to make the change...

It's a mixed feeling actually of burden and satisfying. Knowing you spend a big percentage of your salary on just fixing and at the same time, feeling it's quite necessary to do so if I want to enjoy my driving experience.

Cant believe it's mid year already. WOW how times flies. As I sit down and pray and give thanks, it's just so surreal how life has just kept flowing like a river that never stops..

And I pray for strength to carry on...

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