Monday, May 3, 2010

come what MAY

I m quite tired and little sick as I m typing this...
I felt I should written my diary2010 bits by bits, i mean, day by day..but sometimes procrastination and tiredness gets the better of me..

Firstly, cant believe now is May2010. With busyness rate like this, no wonder I feel my life is getting shorter and shorter...

Between last week and today, I admit between Tuesday to Thursday, I was in a bad mood. If I type whatever I feel that day, wow, it's equal to Sir Alex's hairdyer treatment...I have plenty of things to be unhappy and unsatisfied about. Sometimes circumstances and people DO disappoint. Nuff said. I wish I have a punching bag somewhat...punch my stress's that bad stress I went through that time. Now that I manage to get over the stress, I don't wish to talk about it. And also I wanna take this time to apologize in advance if I m too direct to some. Hope you like it, because when I was nice and lovely to you all, you all didnt appreciate it.

Quite a stress-ful week, I think within a week, I walked in 5 shopping malls. I think. Let me count.

Monday I walked at Bangsar Village. Wanted to explore Bangsar.

Walked from Pavilion to Sg Wang to Times Square. At night, was at Carrefour.

So ya, five.

Glad able to watch around town on Wednesday. Bought a new shirt and some small models. Nearly bought Iron Man Mark VI toy but...housemate Darren nicked it. Darn.

But ironically, on Friday lunchtime, I got my consolation - Iron Man keychain. Quite cool despite being a KFC was cool light-up function..aha..

Thursday night, got to experience a fine experiment on how a 20minutes journey can turn into 2 hours journey. All in KL traffic jam. Crazy ...

But at least I able to get over the frustration of it by watching Ip Man 2. After watching it, was so inspired and lifted my spirit a bit after a stressful week. All in all, good movie.

Weekend didnt start well for me on Sat morning...realized I had bad flu and little sore throat. Gosh. that time really tested me to trust the Lord, not by my own strength but His.
By the time Saturday night service over and Faith Music started, I admit I was very tired, partly affected by the sickness.

Thank God I send my guitar for some minor fixing and servicing. Sounded good over the weekend. Love it.

Was disappointed with Liverpool. How can a team of their statue played so badly & terrible. Seriously those who saw that match would agree with me. Sorry Liverpool fans, but I have to frank to say that for a team with such statue to play like that, it's very embarrassing, no matter what reasons you say.

Besides that, just sometimes I have to sink into the feeling that my schedule is so packed. Seriously. That's why I feel my life is getting shorter and days are passing faster.

Finished typing about my brief look at my past one week. Time to hit the bed.

Might edit if necessary. haha.

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