Monday, May 10, 2010

can I have my ball..

It's some silly tune stuck in a few people's head, thanks to my boss showing it on the recent church's leaders' training.

Yupz, so much so that it has even become my ringing tone..don't believe me? try calling me on my cell when you are nearby...

Sometimes I feel I should update my blog time to time, perhaps 2 or 3 times, maybe whenever I can. To type everything in an entry, feels like, erm, tired somehow...keeping everything then burst out...sometimes it's tiring.

Ok, one laments's been tiring week and the tiring weeks will never stop..haha..

Last week was preparing for ITEL(church's leaders' training) then this week will be church album launch then next week, there's two special events in church. Indeed, church of God is a church that keeps moving, never sleeps.

About ITEL, in summary, it's amazing to see how God works. Every details I see, sometimes it amazes me to see how the jigsaw puzzle clicks. Like sermons, worship songs, testimonies - how all somehow clicks with each other, from there you can really see how God moves. Praise Him!!

Even myself for Faith Music class, I was asked to share about worship to the vocal class. You know worship is really a serious topic to discuss. Been praying and seeking the Lord on what to share and each day comes, I always find myself unable to really sit down and prepare it. All I can do is commit to Him. Once Saturday comes, only God moves and was asked to share just some simple thing. Night comes, start sharing and all, turnout me and my members were bless by the whole discussion. Again, praise Him!

Blue is the color of the moment as Chelsea won the Premiership 09/10. Credits to them as well but I think MU didnt do that bad either this year. Did well, just that occasionally things didnt go their way. We at least have a trophy - League Cup.

Anyway, can I have my ball, can you get my ball...

Ya seriously, I feel like playing futsal...miss playing it due to workload...playing futsal seems like blue moon thingy now...

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