Monday, April 5, 2010

march-ing towards April

Erm, not pretty much of updates in my life..

Turn back time a bit. Let's start from Palm Sunday, was memorable and honored to be talking to former Archbishop of Sydney Harry Goodhew. Lovely man. Commented that he enjoyed the worship, said I had a good team and his wife commented that she finds the team's dress code was good. Cool. hahaha.

Monday, ya as I said already, watch How to Train Your Dragon. I still dont understand why a lot of people give a thumbs up to it. I still stick to what I said. O well, we are entitled to our own opinion anyway.

Good Friday - Service at 1pm. I m encouraged in the way to see lots of people attending it despite the time.

Saturday was so tiring. I actually turned down lots of dinner invitation and went home for some rest as I have to wakeup early for 6am service. That night, well, as i prepare for Easter prayfully and spirtually, lots of negative thoughts came to mind. Quite struggle to sleep well that night actually but I thank God for putting me through that journey to understand the meaning of Easter. What it means to go from darkness to light.

I wokeup 330am next morning. Reaching church that time makes me excited, and when pastor shared about the story of Mary when she went to the tomb to find Jesus, that struck me as well because I felt the same feeling when I reach church. I m there to find Jesus as well - truly leading 2 worship services in wee hours of morning is totally an experience to remember. Like pastor said also, the world thinks it's crazy to be up in the morning to worship while we should be sleeping but to do this for the Lord does shows we love Him more than anything.

What a day to remember - to be up from 330am till 12am. Work from 5am till 10pm. Worship services - singing songs about His love and His victory truly gives me a fresh passion for Him. After BM services, I was assigned to help an Indonesian church who borrowed our church premises for their anniversary event. Was challenging to take care the sound for them but was an experience to witness their event. I had good chats with them, some are lovely folks. They even have church albums, so I exchange my album with them.

Suddenly starting to have this urge to like BM/Indo songs already...hahaha..

After all, decided to reward myself with a meal at McD. Was happy about it. Reach home, cant think much but to rest...too much things in my head lately. If you ask me to share, sometimes I duno where to start. Life oh life. Sometimes I m learning to just face realities and even lies, as saying goes, with Christ in the vessel we can smile at the storm. I think it's really about living my life out with faith. Not easy to live it actually, it's not as easy as saying it.

I currently sitting at home, trying to get some rest. As I finished typing and look back at the all the services, I thank God for all the services during Easter week. Sometimes you dont need 'big' or 'fancy' events to experience Easter but these services certainly have bless me and remind me about why I m passionate about what I do.

Because I love Jesus. There's no second thoughts about it.

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