Sunday, April 11, 2010

chitty chitty bang bang

Life pretty much quiet lately. Trying to motivate myself to work hard n harder..pushing myself mentally most of the time..avoiding myself from falling into something people call..."procrastination" i said before, life is too short for me to waste on it...

I feel sometimes I m fighting some personal demons. I been asking myself too many questions. But I always have the answer "patience" flashing over my head after each questions asked. That's why most of the times I rather keep quiet...I think I have been like this since a little boy. I enjoy not talking much. Silent is always golden for me.

Tiredness is one thing that affected me greatly this week, learning to avoid falling into it easily.
Sometimes I reach home, I have to have nap. So ya, that's pretty much my story for this week - pretty quiet but quite tiring. Besides sometimes I got myself some small gifts - from Sunday onwards. I count them as blessings from God. Let's see..some of it ah like on Sunday, the FGCC folks gave me their CD and angpow for helping them then on Monday, Garry gave me a phone holder for my stuff.

Out of boredom-ness, Tuesday night I went KL city for late dinner.. had pork mee in the place Desmond once recommended.

Indeed driving in KL at night is much fun that day time - no jam, no heat wave. Was walking around Bukit Bintang with housemates, busyness around the street despite being so late at night, looking at all the genuine fake stuff and watched policemen raiding foreigners' stall. Interesting. haha.

I got myself a Malaysian jersey. I fulfilled my life time ambition - to wear a Malaysian soccer jersey. Sadly, not playing on the field as I dreamt of when I was young...hahaha..

I was rather upset on Wednesday that my housemate blew a fuis that affected the electricity going into my room. Imagine, out of my house, my room has no power. I dont blame my housemate but it's really screw-up luck. Spend most of my Wednesday at office despite being my day off - office is only place I can keep myself entertained - work, online, air-con. Thank God my house is nearby office. Not everyone in the world has such blessing as me.

Next, this brings me to the blog's title..i just over-exaggerated the title for fun..haha..

Church re-launch the vision - that's why we called it big bang. It's time such vision come to move church to new level. We just cant be comfortable in our own comfort zone. I hope this changes the mindsets of the members and also push our church onwards. Exciting times..always church of God..

Few things make me smile silently..
I led worship in Eng morning and BM service. I duno about others, but I enjoyed the presence of God..especially BM service..personally thought it was one of the best I led.
Was catching up with a friend who is at overseas doing music and also looking at the photo albums uploaded - proud of my friend's achievement.
Next, probably will be back touring in coming months. Most places havent confirm but all the places roughly set already so yea, stay tuned for details! Seriously, cant wait to spread some love through music. It's my love :)

Just came back from a boring MU match. Sometimes old is not gold, in today's MU's not too worry honestly about MU..still a loyal fan no matter what, furthermore, Bishop also said in today's sermon, don't put full trust on man but God..

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