Monday, April 26, 2010

anything's april

Deep inside us, we always want to be superheroes...

I hope I quote that right from the Kick-Ass of the voice-over scene..
Think about it, it's somewhat true. We always want to be heroes in some ways, saving the world in one way or another. Dream of being one or doing so in reality.

Anyway, am surprise that finally Malaysian censorship board is so lenient .. all the F**K word flew around so freely..but come to think about it..maybe they realized we are not that dumb after all..I think finally they see some common sense...

Enough of my nonsensical statement, I thought it was a good and fun movie. I enjoyed it very much, albeit the violence and gory scenes. Lots of good memorable lines as well. hahaha.

To cure my boredom and my cell group member's, I watch another movie a day later - this time local film, Ice Kacang Puppy Love. It was a nice movie - one of the best local film I watched in recent times.

So ya, two movies in two days. Enjoyed both movies. Glad somehow I did it or else, I will billed last week was a boring week for me, although did went to few simple places to hangout/makan. And I realize I bought 2 shoes in a week. I have reasons to do so, not that I m such a shopper.

Besides that, I guess that's nothing major to say about my week. In that same week I was struggling with my patience, I must admit it. I wasn't happy with few things and few people.
Nothing much I can say but life is a b***h sometimes. I m fine now dont worry.

To quote another memorable line from Kick-Ass..
"Yeah, that's one weird sounding bazooka" - Frank D'Amico(after hearing gunshots)
..we can learn we can't make harsh/quick judgment about life.

Anyway, it's end of April. O how times flies...

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