Friday, March 26, 2010

oh nap..

Typing this in office, after deciding to spend my whole Friday here due to lots and tans of work.

Took a 15minute nap, lying on a nice couch that the church has. It was 15 thanks to a strange dream I had. If at night you have nightmares but if naps, what you called them? ....nap-mares?

Okay, 'nap-mares' woke me up. I instantly woke from there. Thank God I did. Really. I think if I go on in that 'nap-mare', gosh, I would be emo whole week. Little emotionally shaken a bit right now..trying to shake it off. I wonder what trigger that dream. Why regrets have to haunt me again. Questions x 10.

On a slightly nonsensical note, I dreamt I compose a Korean tune. I thought it was little bit too much but trust me that the tune was nice and fit for any Korean boyband. Problem is I think it's little nonsensical for me to do such thing, so I decided to forget about the tune. hahaha. But somehow my head can deciphers what is the title that the song I suppose to composed. Not wanting to tell much, all I can say it's very typical boyband-ish song title.

That's what happen what your brain is actively thinking. Funny how human body works. Seriously. Wonders of the Creator.

Been a little boring week especially at night but I take it with chins up because I see it as an opportunity for me to sit at home to relax - do reading, cleaning and watching shows. Little disappointed with lunches and dinners I have lately. Maybe it's time to cook myself...havent been seriously doing some home cooking since moving to the new place...
Heading towards the weekend. I realized it's gonna be an honor to stand in front of a man of such great stature, Archbishop Goodhew. Yupz, he is visiting FCC. Looking forward to it.

Let me gently remind everyone that this weekend is Palm Sunday. Earlier of the day, the senior citizen was watching Passion of Christ. I have watched it umpteen times but even so, I m always reminded the journey that Christ went through to save us. Indeed, there's no greater love that what Jesus portrait.

Have a good weekend. Cheers.

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