Thursday, March 11, 2010

mid-week @ monash convo

Wednesday 10th March - I went to celebrate my FS members' convo day, particularly Garry, Victor and Christina. Congrats - big boys and girl now oh..time to face the reality now!! muhaha..

Must thank Monash University for providing meals, because I visited the convo twice that day - one for Garry's session in noon and Vic and Christina during evening. That means, my lunch and dinner was covered there. haha.

For more pics on the convo, visit my FB photo album or Lavinia's photo album

In between Garry's session and Vic's session, went to watch Solomon Kane with housemates. Was quite gory movie but for its type of genre - swordsmen and magic movie - I thought it was good. I would give a 6/10 actually, but when I read reviews about it, most critics gave a good review about it. mmm... remember that this movie is based on a comic book, the same writer who wrote Conan the Barbarian. Overall, just ok for me perhaps little long as well.

Today during my devotion, I was reminded that indeed in God's timing, God will bless me. I think back of some blessings I have over the years. Waited for months to get a car to drive, waited to own my very own guitar, waited to move into a bigger house, etc. Somewhat, I was reminded in His timing, God will bless and open doors, so ya, all I can do is embrace life the best that I can.

Another thing I wanna give thanks was Tuesday marks 6 months after THIS ROAD was released. Thank God for the response so far. I hope I m able to promote it more and continue to share my music with more people. At the same time, hoping to pen more songs and also improve more for next album. Keep me in prayers in my solo project. I believe God is using this for His kingdom.

Wrote this after randomly wokeup this morning, learning MU trashed AC Milan 4-0. Saw the goals and the highlights - wow, MU just amazing in their performance. Wondered if English football is making its impression on Champions' League, yesterday Arsenal won 5-0 over Porto. Hope this year MU can go all the way to the final, and win it.

Okay, should be going back to bed soon. Gonna be a long day soon.

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