Saturday, March 6, 2010

march-ing on...

Heat wave hitting. Everyone's coupling. People are weight-losing. Gee, I think the world's gonna end soon...


That's random and non-sense statement to start off this blog. I type that recently on Twitter and blurt out that statement to few friends...aha..

Anyway on the serious side..

Been little packed on my schedule side lately...that caused me to think time flies by fast...and also abandoning my blog awhile..

Probably the main thing happened was the news that Mike&Wayne's dad passed away. My prayers goes to the family. I thank God for their family because they are really faithful servants of God and to hear such news saddens me. Anyway, the funeral went well.
Then was busy helping the BM ministry whom held the usual Jasihiku ministry/Revival meeting.

I enjoyed my FS meeting on Friday. We celebrated Garry's birthday. Had a good Korean dinner and enjoy variety of Secret Recipe cakes.

I try to be positive in whatever I do but sometimes things and people around me aren't giving me that vibe. I duno how to explain me...maybe I need encouragement on this area. Another funny thing is whenever I m busy, I always get calls for hangout. But when I m free, no one is free to hangout with me. That's awkwardly sad.

Glad the songbook that I m working on for the past 1 year is out. It's not easy doing it and am glad is done. Thank God. Hope it can bless many through it.

Weekend service went well, in fact thought it was good.

Sunday night tried Yellow Cab pizza. Was good and delicious pizza.

Faith Music been running well..I credit Danny and Jin Heng for respective works. Boss recently said we gonna go tour so ya, I guess perhaps I would be part of the road trip again. Cant wait for it.

Despite busyness, am looking for inspiration for composing and also happiness. mmm..

I m so confirm that I m a night person. I feel groggy as I type, thanks to hot weather.


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