Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's gonna be me

Cant think of a proper blog title now..I choose this title because I m actually listening to N*SYNC's albums now, the song playing now in player is this song, it's a nice song and kinda sounds nice for a blog ya..

Today had an 'important' staff meeting and everything about the work being lay out. On paper, seems alright then I sat back at my chair, realized actually it's lots of responsibility and work. Little taken aback earlier so I went for a late dinner to relax a bit but my stomach isn't supporting..I wonder why..

Could it be the pizzas I took? You see earlier, the staff team got a 'proper' farewell makan for Beatrice Goh, ate Papa John's. I ate lots there. Whatever is still left, I just gobble it. Was quite full till even the standard 7pm dinner time, I wasnt that hungry yet.

Busy days ahead, oh well, work will going to make me step on the accelerator and I dunno how it's gonna take me. Once someone asked if I have time for other things but sometimes I feel like I m married to my job and my music. So ya, I dun want to spend so much time on emo feelings and just work on, believing God will bless.

On my solo project wise, recently got some invites so would be going to few places soon. Most are like 70-80% confirm or to be exact, TBC (that's TO BE CONFIRMED to you) so all I can say is..
March - If things goes well, I will be at Tracks of Talent.
April or May - Methodist College CF
July-Aug - UTAR Kampar CF, perhaps SMI CF also
October - StPeter's Church Youth event
December - Sabah Diocese Youth Camp

Before you all get totally excited, don't jump hysterically yet because all are subject to change. Hopely, time to time, more confirmation can be done so once official deal is done, so ya, I will officially announce them.

This weekend would be crazy weekend for me, I'll be involved in all worship services and ya, that's a lot of music playing and singing to do. Pray for strength and focus. Tiring..of course, but it's something I feel, like I was meant to do..hard to explain it but, it's like something you love to do coz you don't mind and you know why you doing for.

Multi-tasking can be hard sometimes. I learning. Time is always against me.

Recently, I scolded my junior over her constant complains over things and thinking things will always go her way. On surface I might sound harsh but sometimes I think my junior needs to step out of the comfort zone and know sometimes we can't just sit and let it be. There's lots to learn about life..sometimes scolding her reminds me the time when I was young when Soon Yew, Kelvin and Sandy use to scold can see what I am is because of good mentors, so I hope I able to do the same...

And the N*SYNC song that's playing on my player is titled, "I'll Never Stop" - but I think I should stop now..

More later. When good inspiration kicks in. haha.

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