Wednesday, February 17, 2010

gong xi @ ipoh

I know I always sort of like 'blogged' on FB via picture uploads with their caption..haha..oh well, time for some proper blogging here about how I spend my time at Ipoh..

I left KL on Friday early morning 430am. Little glad I decided to leave that time coz traffic wasn't so bad. I considered that time was little adventurous for me because few hours earlier I watched Wolfman with housemates then went home catch some sleep then only leave for Ipoh. Wolfman btw was a good movie for me. Kudos to Del Toro and Hopkins.

Reach Ipoh close to 7am. Rest whole morning. Fast forward to night...

Went to my fave dessert spot. Best eaten especially warm weather. Tong Sui Kang aka Sweet Dessert Street. O how I miss this place. Especially this dessert - fruits, ice cream and ice in one bowl. Lovely.

Still having the feeling of 'night-still-young', went to find Kelvin + rest of SPC young adults and hangout with them, then next I know, we are on our way to kill zombies in L4D 2...

This cybercafe is cool. Especially the seats, feel like watching TV instead. haha.

Next few days, well, it's all about food. Yupz, at home, parents prepared meals. Go vistation, people prepared meals. Go out minum, meals as well. Like I told my UK friend online, it's all eat eat eat. That's CNY isn't it. What's CNY without food man..hahaha :)

Besides food, I got to try Wii - what a cool gaming gadget man. I tried both FIFA10 and PES10 as well, my verdict as a football fanatic/gamer, I prefer PES10.

All in all, it was relaxing trip. Lately too many things in my mind, maybe it was good for me not to think of it at all during holidays. In midst of gaming and eating, I think I was able to relax a bit , take my mind off from thinking too much and then kick/motivate myself again as a reminder about my calling. I was in need of some boost about my work and all, because lately been demotivated and I asked so many questions about life but the holidays somehow was helped. It's good sometimes to laze around uh...

I watched Planetshakers DVD and it help further too. Very inspiring, help me to ready to face my battles - in ministry, my walk with God and probably my songwriting.

I wanna learn to trust God more in everything. During CNY season, I told myself to believe that He will bless tremendously.

So ya, back at KL. Back to reality. Back to battlefield.

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