Monday, January 18, 2010

3rd week of January ..

The highlight of the week is, of course, moving into my new crib. Still at Sunway area but into a house now.

It's a nice house. Love it. I very wish that I owe the house totally, then I can really enjoy myself. haha. Oh well, it all start with a dream. Anyway, ya I renting a room in it along with Darren and his 2 friends. Each of us occupied a room.

But think about it, thank God I m given this house. Always wanted to move into a house after 2 years in apartment, so ya, when given opportunity by God, should jump into chance. Who knows, if I really want to own a nice house, I guess it starts with a dream from here on then. Step by step, people always say.

Apart from that, on 13th January, met my godsis and her friends for dinner. I heard of this promotion by Kenny Rogers where if you wear red that day, you will be entitled a free quarter-chicken meal when one orders a similiar set. So ya, you get two set for a price of one.

Honestly, at first I was skeptical about the promotion but when went there, seems true and ya, when i left, everyone was lining up to claim the promotion. I was wondering why the red promotion is all about, actually read the reason few days ago but now lazy to find out again what’s all about.

Hahaha..oh well, at least I got a set free…

Watched Old Dogs(starring John Travolta and Robin Williams) with them after that. It was a typical storyline - two good friends living the time of their life until suddenly one of them realized they have kids which makes them realized of their responsibility then learn to cope with it then later on accept and love them and their mum more and then live happily ever after. Ya, you know the flow. But the movie was really funny..enjoyed laughing through out the movie.

And I gave my godsis her very belated birthday present. I believe she likes it very much till she post it as her profile picture.

Friday night was involved in the BM service's Student ministry meeting. Led worship - was a new experience to lead a fully-BM concert worship. Ya, speaking normal BM and praying in BM is really a total different world altogether so that's why it's a challenge for me. Overall, it was good but i hope organizers can learn more through the experience of organizing this event.

Had some amazing time of worship over the weekend in the services that I was involved. Seriously it was and i enjoyed each minute of worshipping God this week. It's always in me that each week I want to just enjoy worshipping God no matter what.

My days in office sometimes been colorful thanks to my 2 apprentices, or in Star Wars terms, my "Padawans". Ya, I do feel like Obi-Wan Kenobi sometimes. Like I said last time, it's nice to train them to be ready for ministry and encourage them to serve the Lord.

These days been praying about life and wonder what future holds. It's challenge to let go my own understanding/people's understanding of future to God's hands. In view of that, I recently learn to let go something. It's hard but I think the best is always to let go if it feels like it's dragging you. Not just one thing/area, but various. I just live as best as I can la then while waiting what plans God has for me.

That's all.


yauwei89 said...

The promotion is all about eating healthily. :p See!I did my homework! :p

TL said...

wah so pandai..hahaha...

yauwei89 said...

someone start flattering me.. :p