Friday, October 3, 2008

tutorial to

Since i got some time here, let me give abit of tutorial about the labels/category on my blog..why do i blog..whatever..whatever..

So let's start FAQ segment now..

Ok..why twelvetots?
twelve = 12 = it's my birth-date. Tots = thoughts.

Not that i didnt want timlimdotblogspotdotcom , it seems someone already used it. darn. i dont favour numberlike names like timlim12 or timlim-with-whatever-numbers. so ya, twelvetots then..i know it's little ridiculous.

why do i blog?
the million dollar question. i been blogging since 18 years old and i blog alot of nonsense in it. haha. well, we got to start somewhere ma. anyway, i started blogging at Xanga. Then because i feel i need a fresh start and new direction to my blogging, i jump to blogspot. With blogspot, i m open to more people reading it than Xanga. At one point, i considered Xanga as my so-called private posting but eversince i started blogspot, i left the Xanga account rotting in cyberspace because i wanna focus on one blog. haha. Nahh..still got use wan..i use my Xanga account to access some friend's blog which only open to Xanga users..yea..something they call XangaLock.

I guess the direction of this blog is to be honest as i can to the readers and just share whatever i have in my mind. Whether it is good or bad. Whether something i like or not. Whether it is about my daily boring life or some life experiences. Having said so, i hope this blog can bless someone out there and at the same time, update everyone about my life. It saves abit of my time on MSN, telling some people that i m doing good etc etc. Haha. Besides that, perhaps you can encourage me or pray for me after reading this blog. Rebuke me if you want to. Any responce is greatly appeciated. i appeciate feedbacks to this blog..anything from good to bad.

I hope that answer justified the question...

Bookmark blogs -
Why you dont bookmark my blog? i not your fren ar..
Chill la..erm..if i gonna bookmark every of my friends' blog ar..dont you think you will make my right side so long and untidy. haha. I try to bookmark the recommended blogs of my friends and the blogs of my close friends. I try to bookmark as much as possible where you can read all sort of blogs. If your blog is private-sealed, like the XangaLock thingy, i wont bookmark you because..wat for i lead someone to a blocked door >_<

Just some songs for you readers to enjoy. Songs are my favourite and recommended by me to your sorry ears..haha..

If you so-the-lazy to leave a comment, chatterbox is for you. Or else, spamming. Gosh, it's boring word to say..

To some labels on my blog..
Dear diary -
I realized a few blogs i bookmarked followed my style of dear diary. apa ni.. anyway it's best i clarify how this segment of my blog, dear diary works..

so yes, dear diary does look like diary...a reality life script for everyone to read. please read with caution because there bound to be sentences are sensitive to certain party's feeling. sometimes whatever i say also does not reflect my feelings after i wrote it. I say SOMETIMES. so read with caution then dun care about it. I know sometimes it's un-Asian-like to share so much on a blog but errmm, sometimes i have to love to share and perhaps admit to whatever feelings i have.

Videos -
I use to love posting my own videos but workload made me procastinating and lazy to do so. Well, sorry Sam..i cant promise more..haha..please check my Multiply site for older ones k..

Songs -
Being a person who loves music..listen to to it..sing to it..whatever to's a segment where sometimes i use songs to express how i feel. Or sometimes i use songs to share some things in my mind. Or share with you guys some good music or some music i grew up with.

Life journal -
Abit more like a report, serious feel about my life experience, more than a diary style feel.Eg : concerts, travels, etc. Hopely in future, there will be more of this.

Just browsing.. -
Something i started recently where i share whatever sites i bump into..

Reviews -
I use to focus it on reviewing some movies i watch either on cinema or DVDs. Again, procastination and workload made me close one eye on this label..

Music -
it suppose to be where i share about some of my favourite artist or anything concerning music these days particularly the MTV age, but i realize i posted two only. lol. ignore this till further notice.

Random -
Duh...the word says it all. But when i click back i read all my random post, *swt* , memang everything is so-the-random >_< Tots and sharing -
i need time to differiciate these two. All i know tots was suppose to be my feelings but before dear diary comes in. Sharing is reflection of my walk with God.

Some labels..erm..kinda says it all FCC, HM, jokes, pictures, memories..

thank you for spending few minutes of your life to read those tutorials. now that you understand this blog better, hope you will enjoy this space better.

have a good day ahead.

cheers. much love.


FishieC said...

...are you really that free?

TL said...

no. i only have 24 hours per day ;)